Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

Ever one answers the last STUPID question then asks one of their own, simple, right?

heres an ex:

Person 1: why is the sky blue.

Person 2: Cause your fat.
Person 2:Can i have a taco?

Person 3: no, cause i said so.
person 3: is this the end of the EX?

Yes it is.

I’ll start

Can I use EO in VB 2010?

I dont know, ask google.

How many licks does it take to get to the end of a totsipop?

-was asked kindly to change question-

when is the next time is gona rain?

i think its gonna rain yesterday.

how many fingers am i holding?

This post is deleted!


Where is sparta?


Is England a state by Nevada?

why not

is baby jesus real?

No but black jesus is.

How many people are working on my Online game?

one billion

how many nose’s do i have?

omg its… its… ITS OVER 9000!
when will Epic face die o_o

How can I eat this monkey that eats crabs that eats apples that feeds on trolls that spam with spam ham?

You spam so it comes, then you give it an apple, then you eat a pie, once done, THEN you can eat the Monkey.

How do i post?

You jump out the window, and your post will be added.

How do i start a car?

You lick the Key hole and say “Whoop Laa!”

Who’s Jemale Llama?

The guy I just shot.

Can I have a puppy?

why not

is baby jesus real?


a kitten?

How come Obama’s boobs are so big?

No one would milk him.
Can you spell “a”?


My game has 17 features listed, how many is that?

Eleventy-six, give or take a few.
Why does my post count love the number 15?

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