A Childhood Reborn

Was bored 😛 The first one is just a random clothing, while the second one is a crackhead wearing all grey clothes and a hoodie. I suck at shading so, I’m sorry on those regards.

Childhood? Man I STILL build with Legos!


My childhood was megablocks dragons… legos are too damn colorful for me.

I have both of these in my closet right now.

Not to colorful I think

They’re like my trophies.

Have you ever just like invited a girl to your house and laid down with here and you look her in the eyes so deeply and you say hey… theres something I’ve always wanted to do with you… she says YES PLEASE DO IT! So you go to your closet and pull out a box of legos and she’s all HELL YEAH. Your mom walks in on you guys playing with legos and is like… wtf… true story,…

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