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I’m wanting to give Eclipse a try and have a question about hosting.  I was wondering if Windows based Amazon EC2 hosting has been tried by anyone?  I don’t see it discussed on the forums and, considering it’s free for the first year, I’m rather surprised.

I’m not sure what the policy is for providing reference links as a new user here so please excuse me if I don’t link to it directly.

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Hello, I work with Amazon Linux EC2 instances (aka Red Hat Linux boxes with some Amazon love) in my day job writing Rails apps. I’ve never used Windows EC2 instances but they should work fine with Eclipse after you install VB6 runtimes. If you have any Amazon specific questions I’m sure I can answer them.

As far as ‘free’ is concerned just remember to read the fine print:

750 hours

Windows Micro Instance

‡ The following Windows variants are not eligible for the free usage tier: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server Web, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server Standard, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 64-bit for Cluster Instances and Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SQL Server 64-bit for Cluster Instances

Micro instances are slow, and even slower running Windows so don’t expect your server to be performant!

Thanks for the response.  I wasn’t planning on using it for a production environment, just as testing.  I’ve been purposing holding off creating an ec2 account over there untik something came up where i needed a windows box.  I run a small webhosting company with mostly FreeBSD (and a couple offsite Debian) boxes and paying for a windows license isn’t something I can get budgeted.  If it works, maybe I can rack something locally then.

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I think I’m just going to buy the hosting.  Their interface makes no sense to me.

edit: How do we mark a thread as resolved?  I can’t find it in the editor or the FAQ/ forum instructions.

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