Some questions for a newbie

hi I’m new in the community and I have some questions.

1- About the  “character generator” how to separate the resources of males and females ? as with rpg vx ace

2- Is there a way to take maps made with rpg maker xp to put on eo ?

That’s all for now.

I’m not quite sure about the first question, as I’ve little to none experience with the class generator of EO 4.2.

The second question has the answer of no. EO 4.2 saves and loads maps a totally different way than RPG Maker XP does.

THanks for your answer Richy

To the first question I wanted to know if we could separated male’s and female’s resources in folders named male / female with as rpg maker vxace instead of doing it with classes.ini.

i know but I’d like to know if there is not a way to convert or if is it possible to create a converter.

I don’t think a converter is possible even, RPG XP Maker and EO are created in two different programming languages, and if by some chance it would be possible, you’d still need an open source of RPG XP Maker to know all of the variables assigned to the map files to even load them and convert them.

ok thanks 😉

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