Read a KH-related story for my game?

I’m looking for several opinions on a story I wrote for my game. If you are willing to read through a pretty lengthy wall of text, please pm me! The story is for a kingdom hearts related game I am making. Has been in production as of January aimed for release in December, but the date is subject to change if needed.

Like I said, PM, or even post if you are interested. Also, feel free to leave your review here instead of pm. It’s all up to you 😛


PM’ed ^^

I’ll check it out… so Me?

Just sent it to you.

I hope it’s not too confusing. I might have said the name “Bit” in some places and “Bane” in others. They are the same person. I recently renamed him and now I suffer from traumatic name change disorder.

me. guess i’ll check it out if you’re still pming ppl with it

Hope to hear back from someone soon 😛

I volunteer!

(if you’re still pming people that is)

Haha, all are welcome. I only decided against posting it here, because I figured using pm would weed-out the ones that would don’t actually care about the story.

Wow, I liked it!

I’ve been playing KH since the very beginning and I’m pretty caught up with the plot/story (which IS confusing to someone new to the games).

I feel if players knew the basics of the plot, they could easily understand all of your story.

(Probably irrelevant) But if this ever finds it’s way to a project board or something similar, I would capitalize Unknown.


Thanks for the feedback! I made this in a random text file just off the top of my head. I know that sounds…bad, but I had been thinking about it for a while. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly run a spell check on it or clean it up at all. I will make sure to do that on the project thread though 🙂

Lol as i read the story… i always tell to myself that “I think i already read or heard this before” but i don’t actually remember where… hehe…

nice story by the way, but i think you should try to add some scene where you put the readers to expect more on this story

Thank you for reading. I understand where you are coming from, but don’t worry I will add some more engaging plot stuffs when it comes down to it in the game. As I said, this was done in a night on wordpad and it’s only ment to be the base of the story. There will be tons of details once it’s completed!

I’m looking forward to it… be sure to send me a PM if you’ve done some new stories or stuff…

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