My little pony is spike gay!

I see how most of you have pony avatars on eclipse and seeing as to how Robin and others like them, I got this video from a friend a week ago decided to dig it back up this is seriously kinda funny stuff.

Ohhh, i get it! Because Robin was Rainbow Dash, and they’re both gay! ;D

That was almost as beautiful as the True Poetry ❤

That actually is a pretty good edit, but the subject matter is stupid as everything that spike looks posh in is when he hates it.

Depending on the time of day the French go either way~

Bump for justice 😄


1:12? :3

3:18 haha perfect. I have seen this before, not to long ago. great video.



You know you can relate, Robin.

Nya… so i was thinking… Robin, shouldn’t you change your avi to the little dinosaur thing? ;]

All little ponies are gay.


All little ponies are gay.


Necro bumping for the new breeds to see this, and others who haven’t.

-Facepalm- o_e……What did I just watch?..

I don’t give a duck if you’re a donator, I’m giving you a big ass warning for necroposting. Seriously MLP is old now, it was fun but come on don’t be an aspie wierdo.

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