Yeah yeah… I already know before hand so much hate “He likes My Chemical Romance, He must be emo!”… I make this post anyway

So I just got done reading The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys comics and oh my narch that was a narching awesome series. Between the music videos, the back story and the story that takes place after the death of the original 4 Killjoys. My god I love the idea so much. So I wanted to start an off-topic discussion and see if anyone else likes the stories/music/videos as well!

If you have no narching idea what I’m talking about you should check out Danger Days, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys! It’s kinda a difficult story to understand so I can explain what I got out of it and what it is.

About Danger Days:

So a couple years ago, before the band broke up, My Chemical Romance made and album called “Danger Days, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”. This was a concept album about the life of a post nuclear war and after the war the entire world was basically bound as a desert except for one city which was built by a corporation known as Better Living Industries ( or BL/ind or B.L.I ). Well a group of… I guess you could call them rebels… didn’t like the idea of a company that basically trapped souls into bodies so they couldn’t proceed with the afterlife (ill get into this). They formed a group known as the killjoys, who wear punk styled outfits as opposed to the corporate style outfites that BL/ind wears, to fight this city and corporation. The city was known as battery city. It was called battery city because the life there which were both androids with souls bound to them and BL/ind recruits and units fed off the city’s energy to survive.

Here two videos, one is “Na Na Na” which was originally called art is the weapon. The little girl in this video, played by Grace Jenneate, is named Sunshine, if you were to read the comics it explains how her mother was one of the lead killjoys and was forced to put on a mask while she was pregnant. Well since the soul inside her had nowhere to go, it went to the fetus of the child who became sunshine. Sunshine is known as “the bomb” she is basically a sacred being said to be brought by destroya, the god of the wastes. And when they say she’s a bomb, it litterally means like… BOOM she will explode. She has the abillity to give energy and take energy from beings.

The other four characters you will see are Party Poison (the dude in the yellow mask, he also wears a blue “Mousekat” mask) played by Gerard Way, Jet Star, Cobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. These are the Killjoys. (SPOILER ALERT - watch the videos first) the Killjoys die at the end of “Sing” and Sunshine is taken to refugee by Doctor Death-Defying, a “Profit” radio speaker for the killjoys. Somewhere I believe to be about 7 years after the death of the Killjoys is where the comics kick off. You will see new characters and new Killjoys, such as Cola and Vex. They’re not important in this story now as I’m just really talking about the base story.

In betterliving industries there is a unit known as the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Unit. These are like the heavy artillery of BL/ind. these are the ones in the plain white masks with the BL/ind logo on it. they look more buffed out than the normal guys in the ugly vampire looking masks. When someone puts on a mask from BL/ind it basically traps there soul to where it has no afterlife. Destroya cannot save the soul and the soul is bound to Battery City. This is how BL/ind takes control of the body and commands them to do as they please. the body can still think but it sees the Killjoys as disgusting monsters that need to be killed.

Now that I’m done yabbing and you get the general idea here are the videos…

Na Na Na: