Unknow error~

Sub SendDataTo(ByVal index As Long, ByRef Data() As Byte)
Dim buffer As clsBuffer
Dim TempData() As Byte

If IsConnected(index) Then
        Set buffer = New clsBuffer
        TempData = Data

buffer.PreAllocate 4 + (UBound(TempData) - LBound(TempData)) + 1
        buffer.WriteLong (UBound(TempData) - LBound(TempData)) + 1
        buffer.WriteBytes TempData()

<u>frmServer.Socket(index).SendData buffer.ToArray(</u>)

End If
End Sub

i got an error at this line anyone know why? and how to fix it?

What error? Kind of hard to tell when you’re not telling us a thing.

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