TES Online

I was just wondering what eclipse’s opinion on the new Elder Scrolls MMO is. From what I saw (I didn’t play it and don’t think I will) it just looks unpolished and unappealing to me. The combat system is a huge disappointment (Tera kinda spoiled me) to me too. They shouldn’t have tried to copy the combat of the single-player games imo.

So what do you think? Going to play it? Why?


The most stupid and boring game, same as many other 3D online games.

it’s P2P,so no, not gonna, since they want lots of cash.

There are better ways to spend my money… Final Fantasy ARR is fantastic if you like a good 3D mmo.

I must admit that I always buy the 'new mmo" when it comes out. I normally play it for about a month before getting bored and going back to WoW.

I’ve always enjoyed playing a mmo, and I have high hopes for this one.

3D RPG games don’t really seem to fit in my opinion. it just looks horrible

I’m definitely playing it I’ve been a fan of elder scrolls games and lore for awhile now. I’ve been following the development of it so far and I like how it’s looking plus it’ll give me a MMO to play on my xbox.

It doesn’t feel like an ES anymore imo. Got into the beta too. Boring.

Pointless, I hate when they do stuff like this.

It’s not nearly as bad as I expected. It could use a lot more polish and a few mechanical changes (for example why are we able to walk through mobs? It makes combat feel so floaty) but overall it’s not as bad as I had initially assumed it woud be. Have to admit that aside from the Dominion(I believe?) the starter zones are incredibly boring though. But it seems to pick up around level 15ish.

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