New Pixel Artist!

I’ve started doing pixel art so that in the future I can make custom graphics for my games.

What you guys think? 🙂

I’m starting on trees then moving to textures (Ground).

Not bad at all. I would recolor the ‘wood’ parts.

desaturate them a bit and work on the trunks.

Good start if this is one of your first attempts 🙂 Definitely desaturate a bit though, they are very “in your face”.

i hate the first one… i love the second one

that’s all

Very noisy and on contrasted. Work on a palette and maybe even outlines

Really good start, my problem with number one is the foilage part of the tree is just random. Try shaping it like a tree top would be shaped… Its square… remember gravity is all around us and leaves naturally sag down not upward.

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