Max Players


Someone tested how many max players can be online in EO 3.0 and serwer stay stabile without lags ?

I think this really depends on many things…? If I remember correctly, your hardware in which the server is hosted will make a difference, and I think there’s a variable in EO 3 that has the max? MAX_PLAYERS?

It’s been a while, so someone correct me if I’m wrong.

If you take a look at PokeCyrus it had a couple hundred players on at the same time and that game’s base was EE. So you should be good using EO but ofcourse there are more factors that play apart in how many players you can have online at the same time.

It depends on what you are using to host your server. If you are using a reliable site to host your server it should tell you how fast it can run. If it is hosted on your computer it may not hold as many, especially if you are doing other tasks at the same time.

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