So, I’m not the best artist in the world but I make do with the skills I have. However I have spent 2 to 3 days just trying to get some decent graphics ready for Alchemite. I’ve just come to the point where it’s becoming a real pain in the anus. So, yeah here’s a recruitment board for Alchemite.

What I’m looking for

What I REALLY need right now is people to make some simple fantasy style tiles. We don’t really need sprites because we’re planning on using 3d models for the characters. Right now I’m looking for background art for maps. You know like something that is just all eye candy to have in the background not like a boring sky or anything.

If you want to see more about alchemite here is the google doc page we have written up

If you want a faster reply to join the project hit me up on skype! My skype is Dylan-Soulz

We’re making a team of people for this project so we mostly need graphic designers but we can also use others too if you’re interested leave me a message!