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Looking for a smart game logo to be used at the main menu for my project Division Of Life. I am using a placeholder that you can see on the top of the thread I linked, but would like something more permanent that will bring the main menu together. You will be placed in the credits and will be awarded 50 Pep coins in-game [they can be spent on premium items in the DOL store; check the thread out above]

The font that I have in mind was something along these lines:




Size: 500 x 100, anything below this resolution will be stretched to fill.

Colors: Greys browns greens; like a natural look nothing too bright.

Back Ground/Features: Would like the text to have some feature like a dinosaur/dragon outline/shape (not an actual picture) or if that is not possible then some form of spell particles would be nice

Rewards: Credit and 50 Premium coins [most expensive item in the DOL store is 30 Pep Coins] and possible future work if any art/gui work comes up.


Whoa a triceratops O.O I found Ted’s parents (my imaginary pet)

I’ll give it a go when I get home

…is that character actually riding a dinosaur? o_o

Correct, i am indeed riding one of the best mounts in game 🙂 heres me again with a dragon boss



Armored Black Horse

** exclusive meaning never showed these before

something a bit like this?

Hey Seb,

Thanks for your submission, but it’s a little too bulky for what I was looking for, Maybe a different font?

I might try to help later after a sort this some shit out here.What are your thoughts on a pixelled look?

To be fair, I really do not think a pixelled look would suit the game, with it having quality textures. Throw stuff at me 🙂

Fair enough , it would not fit.

I started a D anyways , but yeah it wouldn’t suit.If you want me to keep going just tell me , if not I understand hehe.

it looks like it could turn out good, could possibly use it on the forums/website if it does not fit into the game?

For a small fee of 49.95 I’ll do anything.Besides sex.<3

Well , I’ll finish up the “D” and post it here and you tell me if you like it or not , I guess I can help you with the website but I’ll not promise that I’ll be able to finish in a hurry.

Ignore the fact that the “d” is completely crooked , if you want me to keep going I’ll redo it with a proper shape.

more like this?

Hi all, I think Chief has the best one so far,

Hi Chief, very good submission here is what it looks like

it is a little over the requested size so it overlaps the other image on the main menu. Would it be possible to lower the amount of brown in the back ground? just enough to connect the “Of Life”

you all did a great job 🙂

I would move the official website button to the far right…

The main menu is far from done, please try to stay on topic.

Removed this Comment because supposedly this is putting my ‘Post Count up’.

Since when did I say I “found” a logo? Please go back to making your “game” and stop attempting to get your post count up posting useless crap on my thread.

Topic closed.

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