Generation Z (not a zombie mmo)

Hi there i have begun using the Eclipse 4.0 engine to develop my first MMO. It was actually started as a fun project to go along side an animated series me and several friends have begun producing. I have worked on several games before, including some indie titles on both steam as well as xbox 360 and several RPG and M.U.G.E.N projects. but i have run into a small roadblock in which i am hoping someone can help me pass. I have created 4 distinct sprite bodies for the character creation menu, 2 of which are different races/classes. My problem is when i go to edit the classes via server, and i add “MaleSprite=2” under the class where i am wanting to use a different sprite it still reverts back to sprite 1 when the game starts, hair style and clothes change accordingly but the sprite itself stays the same. Does anyone know if its strictly a configuration in that file that needs changed or do i need to edit the script via VB6? honestly im trying to get as much done without script editing first that way when i start i can focus on just that. Its been several years since i coded with Basic. thanks

Ahm… Maybe some people might say “TL:DR” well i hope you’ll do your best about your first MMO… and don’t be like me who abandoned alot of projects in a middle of developing state… 😄

yeah well like i said its my first MMORPG but not my first RPG, or game even. I’ve developed a few single handidly and worked with alot of developers on other projects so unless work gets insane i will have a finished product. and will be using my shop servers to host for the beta

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