Force spawned npc keeps spazzing out

everytime i have an event set to forcespawn a npc the npc always glitches out and teleports all over the place.

The event that is activating the force spawn is repeatedly being activated, thus the random spawning.

A simple fix is:

Page 1:

Force Npc Spawn

Set Self Switch A,

Page 2: Condition Self Switch A to activate

No other actions on page 2

What this will do is force the npc spawn on re-entering the map each time only once.

Please note that using Dungeon Master’s solution, I think you need the first page to have a condition of Self Switch A being Off.



How is the event triggered? Is it a parallell process?



In the version of EO you are using, once a NPC is force spawned by an event, they are forever spawned.

In short you will need a source edit to “Despawn” the npc.

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