Zel Online [Recruiting Programmer][VB6]

Hello everybody !
**My name is Alex, actually leading Zel Online project. I started working on games and making them since i was 9, using gamemaker. **
**My last game was a mmorpg using an other engine than eclipse. Started to make the mmorpg in 2008. So i have over 6 years of experience in mmorpg. **
**Decided to make a new project, using eclipse, since i think eclipse is better and awesome to develop. **

**The game is actually based on Minecraft and Legend Of Zelda. A tale, 100 years later. Zelda and Link no longer exist of course. Zel doesnt mean Zelda tho. Its actually a prince. **
The scenario is under development, but i will share it as soon as its done.
Basically, the game let the player in a survival situation. The players have to craft, do fishing, smith, fight monsters, beat temples, find treasures with nothing at all.There is actually a custom crafting systems similar to the one of Minecraft, but actually few differences, and lot of custom features. The player also have to choose between 5 factions.

each faction have their own tunic colors. They also have different stories. Players can become the leader of a faction, and the economy is all player made. Same for the cities of each faction, they are empty in the beginning. And with contributions from the players to their faction, the city become bigger and bigger, and more houses to buy or upgrades. About the survival, is everything have to be made by players and gathering ressources too, and more survival features coming.

Offered positions:


We actually need 1 or 2 Programmers who have talent in encryption and fixing bugs.
Also need to have free time.

Pixel Artist

We also need someone who can make weapons or armors, and tilesets, is an option.

Screenshots of the project:

As for programmers and artists hired, they are fully responsible of newly added content or graphics. Any new bugs occured after, have to be fixed for free.

The game have to run as good as before and with no new bugs occured. Same for artists, they have to fix any problems for free until the acceptation.

The website:  www.zelonline.com
Just visit the forum, since the website is half done.

I edited the post and title.

PM me if you are interested in a position.

Edit: Paid.

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