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Hey guys, I’m currently in the process of getting Joyce’s autoupdater to work on my project. I have it down but there is just one issue. The updater works, connects to my FTP, gets the updates, installs them and starts the client correctly but seems to have a problem loading my news page?

I have news.html in my updates folder on my FTP client and it is linked correctly in the config (case sensitive) but it brings up a “This page could not be found” screen. I tried peeking around in the code but nothing seems out of place (granted i have extremely basic knowledge of programming). If anyone can throw me a suggestion I’d really appreciate it!


-Solved, keeping up for future reference-

What is the exact line you are using to get the news.html file? You can pm me if you wish 😄

Make sure it is something like this:


What does your config file look like exactly?

I attached a screenshot.

Thanks for the help thus far guys.

Also sorry for the double post

my html is configured as such:

News Test

If that has any pertinence,

Take the last ’ / ’ off of your news section in your config file 🙂

Wow I just got a good laugh off of that one xD

Thanks man I appreciate it.

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