Raven's Signature Extravaganza

Hello there Eclipse community,

Your favorite member has returned!  :lol:

I don’t know if I’ll be back for good, but all I’m back for is Forum Signatures and such.

I am currently not part of a community that does a lot with them and I really like to make them. (I was, but I got banned there because of a joke that was taken serious…)

My thought was I’d join back here to show off some of my more recent work, provide people who require a signature with one and to maybe teach people the techniques I use.

I have no idea if any of this is still active on this forum, but I thought I’d just go back to my roots since I had nowhere else to go  :tumbleweed:

Enough chit chat… SIGNATURES!





Hope to see everybody around and I’m also wondering if this community is still active  😛


Wicked skills. Good Work!

i dont think that is that pokemon’s name


But i think they’re great

look nice, but you’re a long way to go

1. don’t spam brushes and textures. They just make your sigs overcomplicated, and that’s bad.

2. you don’t have depth. use sharpen and blur to create a nice depth.

3.no light sources or shadows, just brightness? seriously, that makes it pretty bad.

4. no flow. you need to see the render’s flow, and use it in the sig.

5. don’t oversaturate! it makes the colors look bad.

good luck fixing these

Thanks all, for the comments and feedback.

I am wondering, though, Blure Shadow, were you talking about the Pokémon sigs or all of them, because I totally agree on the Pokémon sigs.

The others do have all the aspects you named to improve…

no Growlithe? i see how it is… jk nice work on the signatures, really like them

I do like the Heisenberg one

i was talking about all of them.

Interesting, since I never use brushes except for removing details, adding light/shadow, adding grunge or in clipping masks.

I always use sharpen/blur to blend renders in the sig and add depth and as far as my knowledge of flow goes, all the others follow the render’s flow in their surroundings.

The coloring is something I have learnt by years of practice and to be honest… The second spoiler of sigs have as few saturation as looks good in my opinion.

Might I ask you if you’re a signature maker yourself and if so if I could send you my .psd so that you can show me what you would have done?

There’s a button (picture) in my sig that says My portofolio. click that, go to Folio and then Signatures and see for yourself.

I see, they’re a completely different style, but I like most of them, but you also have some of which I personally don’t like the outcome.

The smudge fighter for example and the mask one (those C4Ds on the side don’t do the signature any good in my opinion, they seem more important than the render)

With the bioshock one you had a nice play with the depth, but the signature is kind of confusing.

Anyway, thanks for the tips, what about a signature match between us, you and I making a signature from the same render and letting the forum decide which style they prefer 😄

I think you’d be a worthy opponent 😄 (I’ve done this many times on other forums and only lost once 😄 )


I’m fine with it 🙂

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