Chatbox and color

hi all, i’m very new here

just wanna asking about chatbox,

there are 3 type of social command

!(playername) (message) for whisper/PM

'(message) for global/broadcast message

-(message) for emote message

what is the purpose for emote message and how to use exactly…

then about admin/GM color, how i can change it?

or i just can’t change it?

because my eye get blurry with light color, like yellow, light blue, etc

sorry for my bad english…

and thank you

Your emote messaging is for animated messaging , not sure if you actually have the commands to change and altercation of chat box without permissions.

animated message? 😮

huh? can u give me an example?

or how to make it?

i see, so i can’t change the color…

Emote message might express Player’s Emotion (I just use my Common Sense on this one)

Eclipse Origins 4.0 , i think it doesn’t have a Text Color Changer… might suggest it to Jcsnider

i hope he saw my post… 😛

but i still dunno how to use emote message

what must i write, will it display emoticon when i write???

For example:

“- Is tired”

“Sn0w Beast Is tired”

make sure you do the space between the - and the I or next character.

You can change the color of the chatbox background in the GUI folder.

i see…

thankz for help Sn0w Beast

i think it’s solve :3

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