Skywardens: Dark Days

So, while our main game works on some custom graphics/features/music, we have taken on a side-project.


~NPC Spells
~NPC Multiple Drops
~Elemental Weapons and Weaknesses
~Crafting System
~Damage Scaling for Projectiles (based on agility)
~INT/WILL Scaling for Spells
~Event System
~Buff/Debuff Spell Types
~Idle Animations
~Tool Power System
~Stat Reset Potions
~Player through Player Walking in Safe Zones
~Membership System
~Auto-Target on attack
~Real Defence
~NPC/Player Level Display
~Server-Side Color Messages
~Graphical Chat Buttons
~Party Chat
~NPC Walking/Running Option

~Bug Fixes

~Some Stuff I may have forgotten 😕


~MP3 Support
~Dynamic Paperdoll Drawing


~Fixed an issue where EXP was only displaying for the first player
~Fixed a rendering issue
~Fixed other misc issues


~Added my Dynamic Elements System
~Made Name Font look better
~Fixed a display issue in Spell Descriptions


~Auto-Target on Projectile Attack
~Redid Vital Scaling for each class
~Redid most Stat Dependent Combat Mechanics (critical, dodge, block, parry, ect…)
~Numeric Hotbar Keys
~Fixed Several Bugs


~2-Handed Weapons now have a better damage rate than 1 handed weapons (fixes the age old problem of the situation of the ‘Scimitar’ being better to use than the ‘Scythe’ for example)
~Spinning using PgUp and PgDn keys
~New Party EXP System
~Can no longer cast Damaging Spells on yourself.


~Fixed several bugs that existed in base MP3 system
~Added New Mechanic to NPC combat. More Details below
~Added New Boss Npc Option. More Details below
~New Map Report Functions
~Fixed several other bugs.

V1.0.6 Info

~NPC’s before this update, would calculate the damage they could deal to you (armor and such) and then if they damage equalled more than 0, it would play the animation and attack, dealing the damage. This would result in very boring combat for player’s with high end gear facing low level mobs, as their armor would negate all damage and the NPC would just sit there and get killed.

I’ve added a function that will now check if the damage is less than zero. If so, the damage will be changed to zero and then a random number between 0 and 5 will be added. This way, there is a higher rate of NPC attacks so they aren’t just sitting there getting killed.

~NPC Boss option will now render a ‘Boss’ Npc’s name as Magenta. Just gives more singularity for mobs.

I may be adding more functionality to this later, but for right now, it is merely an aesthetic feature.

Credits for the Engine + Graphics + Game

I will be posting more info here as we progress.

Some of our newer graphics (for the official Skywardens Game)

In Skywardens: Dark Days, you awake in a forest shortly after a vicious Airship crash. You are possibly the only survivor of the crash and must stay alive on a monster infested island using nothing but your intuition, your evolving relationships with a few Island Survivors, and your power with a weapon.

This will be a nice casual game to play with your friends.

We will be using my SEB Engine (an advanced DX7 engine I made in a week from an EO2.0 base) and RPGXP graphics until told to cease using them.

I’ll be working on this in spare time, so no need to worry about the Official Skywardens game being delayed 😄

yay SEB engine

Preview of the graphics I’m working on

~Idle Animations? what is can u show?

Here ya are.

In the video (and I apologize for the terrible quality) you can see the bee’s flying in place 🙂

Still a work in progress, but I’m liking where this is going!

Looking good!

Though there are more things to improve on the cliffs, also the dirt/road looks too square-ish, try to make it more rounded.

Yeah I know the cliffs need some work doing

Thanks for the feedback

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