Screenshots Thread

Looks like we’re lacking one of these. Now quite a few of us are playing on Havox’s server I thought we might as well make one.

Anna, Magikarp and I have a little love cabin about 40 minutes away from everyone else. ;]


Roleplay. ;]

My Massive Farming Unit (MFU) located in my backyard

Same MFU during the day

New paved and leveled front of the house/yard

Outdoor lounging area, with view of massive 4x4 paintings

Look towards a giant castle and floating creature

View of massive tower and Taj Mahal with massive Stewie head

WIP Taj Mahal

hey im in that castle shot of Havox’s xD

I don’t know, I think the game looks wierd with high resolution textures.

Here are two screenshots just to show a new texture pack I am using. It is called Bordercraft.

Robin with his Indiana Jones armor

Portal to HELL

Jimbo all alone :’(

The mine

Tracks into said mine

The farm

Huge image size warning - Forgot that I took these fullscreen >_<

[ img width=600 ] imagelink [ / img ]

Robin’s board design sucks for widescreen imagery.


Here are two screenshots just to show a new texture pack I am using. It is called Bordercraft.

That texture pack is amazing Havox. xD

New update with weather:

Note that obsidian netherrack stays on fire.

That’s netherrock.


That’s netherrock.

*Netherrack xP



That’s netherrock.

That’s what I meant, ugh

Powered tracks anyone?

Do they actually work well?

They work awesome. Takes some time to get use to tho. I flew of the tracks once xD


Do they actually work well?

Yeah, you just gotta know how the red stone function works. Other then that, they work pretty well. They are only straight track pieces.


Powered tracks anyone?

I still think its a waste of gold… but at least it has some purpose now. Previously gold was pointless besides showing it off to your friends.

Yeah it should be like 4 gold 2 iron instead of 6 gold, but oh well, whatever. It’s not like you really need a ton of them.

Someone got a screenshot of me bugging the bed system, so I’m still waiting for that xD

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