Kingdom of Algaseth is Back!


We ARE hiring!  I am in the later stages of making a MMO it is called Kingdom of Algaseth. I need more administrators and designers. As an admin you will have the power to ban players and create events (basically the police of the game). I also need designers, They are required to create quests, maps and NCPs. Neither are payed positions, although could become so in the future. I have a large server and host it my self. If you would like to join the team it is much appropriated.


Once, long ago in a land where magic and destiny controlled the laws of the world, three mighty forces began to take shape. The Warriors, lordly people who had great skill with weapons and words alike. The Wizards, beings of powerful magics and uncontrollable knowledge. And the Whisperers, the people’s of faith and harmony. Shortly after the formation of the forces, seven royal brothers were born into the world. The brothers trained in their factions, and in the end, their were two Warriors, two Wizards, and two Whisperers. Algaseth, the last brother remaining, was talented in all forces. In this light, Algaseth was made ruler of the greatest kingdom the world has ever seen. After several years of a gracious rule, Algaseth has vanished. Rumours of assassination and worse rose from the chaos, and the great forces that had once protected the peoples under Algaseth’s rule have turned on each other. Elric, the ruler of the Warrior forces, has proclaimed Algaseth dead and himself the next in line for the throne. This caused a monstrous war between the forces. This is where you come in! Can you fight the forces, defeat the usurping brothers, and locate the missing Algaseth?



The Warriors are masters of physical combat, using weapons such as swords, maces, and spears, the Warrior brings battle to a whole new level. Wearing heavy armor, the Warrior can take some serious damage as well as deal it out. The Warriors originated in the Castles of Judicar, when the world was still taking shape. Driven by their perseverance and power, they were soon recognized as a great force in the world


The Wizards are capable of unleashing stinging explosions of magic, using items such as wands and staffs. Able to heal themselves as well as learn new spells, Wizards are a force to steer clear of. Unable to bear the heavy clanking armor of tradition, Wizards prefer to wear thin robes that focus their abilities. This being so, they are fairly vulnerable.The Wizards were founded in the Temple of Kokan by the mighty High Wizard. Always seeking more knowledge and abilities, the Wizards proved early on that they were there to stay in the brave new world.


The Whisperers are a hybrid force capable of great healing magics and ranged physical attacks. They tire quickly, but deal powerful damage when they attack. Using whips, spears, and bows, the Whisperer can take a fair amount of damage, but is still vulnerable to magic damage.Little is known about the mysterious Whisperers. It is said that they were madmen turned wise by faith, but this cannot be proven. The only proven fact about the Whisperers is that they are a force not to be trifled with


When you are done with your latest quest and getting hungry, what better to do then enjoy the rest of the day fishing! You can catch different type of fish depending on the type and depth of the water! Can’t catch any fish? Well harvesting is the way to go, fool proof…. well almost. All you have to do is find the plant. Pumpkins, Wheat, Rye, and an assortments of nuts and berries are all able to be harvested! If you can’t afford the steep prices of the shops, then I got just the thing for you! You can now build yourself a trusty weapon, make your self lunch or even breed pets in the new crafting menu! Speaking of which pets have now been added… You can finally get the dragon you have always wanted! If all that isn’t enough with the newest update you can equip multiple weapons. Be warned if you choose to do so no shield can be used.

Game Thread:

Hi there, I may be of assistance for your quest writing needs.

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