New tilesets. Eclipse Origins.

Hi there. I’m new to using eclipse origins, and have begun to create a map that I’m (so far) very happy with. Yet many of my sprites and tiles are becoming very repetitive (i’m using only the default tilesets). I’m looking to add new tilesets to my project yet I’m struggling to do so.

So far I have tried downloading .png tilesets and copying them into my Client > Data Files > Default > Graphics > Tilesets folder. Yet when I launch the game the tilesets are nowhere to be found. Looking further into it I see many people giving instructions such as chopping and changing the images and making certain tiles transparent etc, yet I don’t really have the time to be doing so.

If anyone could link me some ‘‘ready to use’’ tilesets and the instructions on how to install them correctly it would be HUGELY helpful.

Thanks in advance.

The engine you’re using doesn’t load .PNG files for sprites/tilesets and those resources, it uses the .BMP format.

DX8 engines, like EO 3.0+ use .PNG files. DX7 engines (assuming you’re on EO 2.0 or 2.3, they still use .BMP)

If you are by chance, using a DX8 version, then you’ll have to make sure that your tilesets and such are in numerical order, the engine will not load 2.PNG and 3.PNG if 1.PNG isn’t there.

About transparency: The rendering grabs the first pixel top/left as the transparent color for the entire sheet. So in most tilesets, you’ll see that the top/left of the sheet is actually without a tile, but with the background color that the engine will read as transparent.

As for links, check the Resource section of the forums for tilesets and sprites that are ready to use, however take caution about what is free to use and what isn’t, if you care anyways.

Thanks Richy, i’ll take a look at the resource section now.

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