Can i do that ???


i just try to make something special for my project … i try to explain

i want to create a spell (name armor)

if i use armor i want to have a cast animation and after i have a armor paperdoll on myself

i try different things but it s not working …


and other things if i create sword item can i create different movement for the sword with paperdoll or not ???

THANKS for answer !!

Ok, so you want a spell that you use and it creates a magic set of armor on your character?

Please tell me if I understand this correctly.

Yes, it is very possible, I do it all the time with my game.


Mohenjo…. I use a spell and it create an animation and give a paperdoll to my chars

I give example…

I have a knight and when i use the spell call “armor”

I have a transformation animation and after i have my armor on my chars

Snow ?? How CAN i do that ?? Please

Yes, it is very possible, I do it all the time with my game.

No , You can’t do that on 4.0 it’s a custom script

On-Topic: As i said… you can’t do it on 4.0… you are talking about a custom features… it’s not on 4.0 as i know

Correct me if i’m wrong


An évent is not possible to create something like that ???

in terms of the animation , you can, you just have to make the “Stun time"longer , and ye it will be temporary only and also, the spells in EO v.4 can only do Heal hp/mp or Damage Hp/mp, so if you were thinking to make an armor spell that can give  endurance stats, it is 'not” possible, but the animation of an armor around your body when used the spell is “possible” hehe

Thank you but is not what i need

But it s a Roch idea for other things

Maybe Jc make something for change that things later i hope

Ok guys, Aerozik is wanting to make a spell that you cast and it puts an image of armor on your character. You cast the spell, the spell activates, you now have a cool set of armor on for a little bit of time until it wears off. (This is including paper dolls).

Not really that but it s a Nice things too

misunderstood your question, sorry.

You CANNOT cast a spell and have it wear armor at the same time, lol.

you can do it separately though, make armor and do spells.

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