A second item mask >.<

Hey 😄

So, I was trying to make a second item mask in EO 2.3

I want the item to display the item in the inventory/bank/shop/trade the same way it does on-map.

I would think it would have something to do with the calling of InitDDSurf.

Anyone have any help on this?

If it’s unclear what I want to do, I want the game to create a mask of the highlighted pixel here:

and display it as though the item graphic had transparency in the inventory ect. just like it appears to have transparency on when on the map.

Thanks 😄


Kk, yeah, I wan’t the above, and THEN I want to render this BEHIND the item:

So just change the background color to match the green and make sure you use the same render method. 😛 Probably less of a hassle honestly. (Or make it so your engine doesn’t even use the second frame anymore)

He would have to make a new BackBuffer to use BltFast to render out the background.  Only picScreen utilizes the BltFast method. Everything else is using the BltToDC method.

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