Dragonball Z

just some dbz characters 🙂

small update, some ssj versions

I’m sure that you only made the front Frame, why don’t you try a more interesting pose, if you wan’t to show off pixel art and not actually Sprite Sheets.

I’m sure that you only made the front Frame, why don’t you try a more interesting pose, if you wan’t to show off pixel art and not actually Sprite Sheets.

im sure iv not only made the front frame ……

They are sprite sheets so front back or side is about as interesting as they come …

Doesn’t look interesting to me at all, same boring style.

For you !!! ^^

So what is that supposed to mean?

just another pixel art from dbz

I’m assuming you made that? so why’d you save it in JPG, let’s see the real pixel art.  :ph34r:

For you !!! ^^

The other sprites are nice, I do that all the time with my sprite bases.

Looks like a Breeze Version 😄

but very nice

Sorry for jpg but i make this with art studio on my phone is that Why you see a jpg file….

I export in png on my computer

I often create chars or Tiles on my phone when i m not Home ^^

So you want to say that you made that little Goku?


yes … why ???

it s my favorite activity i make some things like that [attachment=1128:poster_weapon_xiannvsuolian.png]

for my saint seiya games or battler like that  [attachment=1129:poster_char_zilong.png]

or a last one for skills [attachment=1130:poster_skill_lushanshenglongba.png]

the problem with me its that i don’t find any programmer to help me

i m a graphist and i don’t know vb6 at all…. and i have a lot of idea and graph solution to make a nice game with the story i wrote

my chars for game


and know dr house ???  believe in me 😉

Did you edit the Goku pic? it’s less grainy but still JPG.

But before I indulge myself in the posts to come, how old are you?

No problem i Edit when i m Back Home

I m 32 years old….

I hate to put you on blast, but you didn’t make that.


You got no proof that you made those, I found some of the images on the internet of some chinese game website.

I never sais that a create the position of the goku

I m not the creator

But i create the pixel art open both the picture and compare….

It d not really the same the picture that you post is not pixel art man

Don t be bad mens. The same for you dr house

I m not a 14 yo boy. Graph is my job irl

I m starting pixel when i was 12 yo

I create things like my avatar

I never have job for game making but it s one passion

I don t have any intérest to post a goku on the forum

The toriyama team make best draw !!!

And dr house the only corner you CAN find my pictures is on my website

Not un a other country like chinese or other

Un china they make 3D saint seiya they dont care about work like mine

I m not programmer i cannot make a comète game Alone

But graph it s my talent …

( sorry for my english)

See ya

It s not an obligation to answer if you have bad comment

Be cool it s a game maker communauty not a démonstration

I don’t care what is your age, I’ve seen kids very talented, so age doesn’t really matter.

How do you explain this? The Exact Dragon Shiryu you posted is on this image from some chinese game.

Click on Spoiler to see the image.

The left one is what you posted, I just resized it to fit with the game’s image, and guess what, it fit 100%

The right one is the original one.

Something tells me you’re just a liar.


Yes i explain that because it s THE card game insiste my game that i create

Last year i start my first game only with manga persons

And i have a not full card game that i

Want to implant in a mmorpg game

Is that Why i m hère i try to make my mmo with game maker

But it s too hard for me

I was not Alone on this project you CAN see some of our picture on website like deviant art or différent

Like i say in my answer Up

Thèse picture it s not my game but all the chars yes thank you

Because i never know that

But maybe you CAN find on crédits of this game

All that i post it s free like i sais i

Never create saint seiya or dbz lol

But you CAN see a lot of my draw with my pseudo

Hidekisan or aerozik


Éclipse it s not the only one forum !!!

But the engine is best for my game because i m not vb6

Programmer and i don t Want a big project


CAN you post a link please ??i

I don t find the game

Thank you

( i CAN post all my picture un a short vidéo if you need proof

You ll be satisfied with that ??)

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