How to make animated buttons?

hey guys im just asking how to make animated buttons so i try it like this

i rename it imgButton

and i did like this


Case 10 'Rank
            If Not picRank.Visible Then
            picCharacter.Visible = False
            picInventory.Visible = False
            picSpell.Visible = False
            picOptions.Visible = False
            picParty.Visible = False
            picQuestLog.Visible = False
            picPet.Visible = False
            picRank.Visible = True
            PlaySound Sound_ButtonClick, -1, -1

and go to mod constants and upgrade the animated buttons

then i go to modgeneral and add this

   ' main - rank
    With MainButton(10)
         .filename = "rank"
         .state = 0 ' normal

then when i try it, it’s say subscripted out of range

when i click debug it show me this

    If Not MainButton(Index).state = 2 Then ' make sure we're not clicking

What is the value of ‘index’ when the error is thrown?

Solution = You copied button from Button(9) to Button(0) not Button(10) check that.

or you could just use .gif files

or you could just use .gif files

Vb6 + gif file? o.O Then he will need to add bit more code in source to support gif.

And gif is moving all the time, he need to change picture on hover. AM i right?

Have u ever touched eo engine? xD Cuz thats a bad suggestion.

Yes I have, Brink of Time uses EO2.3

Didn’t know you’d have to change it to support gif 😛 I haven’t really messed with gifs yet on the EO engine.

Domino_ is correct… if you don’t have 0 index and you just copy and paste a picturebox or image with index, it will start on 0… just change it on index at the category

lolol i didn’t copy it i just rename it as imgButton

lolol i didn’t copy it i just rename it as imgButton

haha, here is your solution xD

still unfix

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