Non-moving NPC's.

Hi there. I’ve just recently started using EO and I’m wondering how to ‘‘move’’ or rather ‘‘place’’ and NPC in a position. For example I have a city with walls and I want 2 guards guarding each entrance. I know that you have to make the guard a ‘‘shopkeeper’’ to prevent them from moving but how can I move the NPC into the position I want? I click add NPC to map and it just plants him outside the city or near a forest etc.

Thanks in advance.

when editing the map place a ‘NPC Spawn’ tile

You can use the NPC Avoid tile attribute to keep them restricted to a certain area.

Step 1: Go to Admin Panel -> Map

Step 2: Hit “Events” located in the Bottom right corner

Step 3: Click the Space you would like to place your NPC

Step 4: Under “Movement”:

Type: Fixed Position

Speed: 8x Slowest

Freq: Lowest

Or you can set it to guard a certain area in a loop by using the “Select Path” Button.

Hoped this helped.

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