Sprite show in Event Dialog

Hello Eclipse, im try to show a Image or Sprite in EVENT DIALOG. I develop a scrl bar in Show Message ( Event Editor ), this work and save the VALUE in the server. Well my problem is in the RENDER SPRITE

I write this in DrawEventChat, but i don’t have idea how to call the SPRITE VALUE, to show my sprite :/! Please help me!

RenderTexture Tex_Character(Map.CurrentEvents), x - 5, y + 5, 64, 0, 64, 64, 64, 64

Im use Eclipse EFF.

That really depends on what value you store that sprite count in and if it’s sent to the client or not. Kind of hard to help when you give us so little information.

I store the 😧 Sprite value in Public Type EventPageRec, send via HandleMapEventData i think. I use this .ShowName of reference

I don’t know the event system, but I have no idea what the real problem is. Is the value not being sent from the server, does the value not save, or are you having problems with DX? Try to add as much relevant information as possible.

I don’t know how to CALL the value of SPRITE Event. This is my problem  😞 " RenderTexture Tex_Character(** NEED HERE A VARIABLE CALL SPRITE VALUE OF EVENT **), x - 5, y + 5, 64, 0, 64, 64, 64, 64 "

I send the info with buffer.WriteLong .Sprite in :

Public Sub SendMap

Private Sub HandleSpawnEventPage

Private Sub HandleMapEventData

Assuming the values are saving with the event, all you need to do is reference the value in the structure. For example, to retrieve the value of the player’s sprite you would have to write


Just find out what Type the value is in, start from the global accessor (something like Public Event(1 to MAX_EVENTS) as EventRec)

Public Type EventRec
    Name As String
    Global As Long
    pageCount As Long
    Pages() As EventPageRec
    x As Long
    y As Long
End Type


Private Type MapEventRec
    Name As String
    Dir As Long
    x As Long
    y As Long
    GraphicType As Long
    GraphicX As Long
    GraphicY As Long
    GraphicX2 As Long
    GraphicY2 As Long
    GraphicNum As Long
    Moving As Long
    MovementSpeed As Long
    Position As Long
    xOffset As Long
    yOffset As Long
    Step As Long
    Visible As Long
    WalkAnim As Long
    DirFix As Long
    ShowDir As Long
    Walkthrough As Long
    ShowName As Long
End Type

I need make the .Sprite value to Global in Event?

Where are you storing the value of .Sprite?

In the Events Withs. Please help Map.Events(Index).Pages(Index).Sprite I think can use this, but how to make a EVENT INDEX.

Abhi help me to finish this system :)!, thanks he!, and all for answers.

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