Cant upload new theme.

So yeah…

I made this new theme for EE cause I’m waiting for some more custom graphics to work on Skywardens.

The theme looks great for the game and should be working fine. But it’s not.

There’s the theme.

I have all the images and they’re all the proper type of format! It just won’t work >.<

Gives me this error >.<

Any help?

Zip up your theme images and PM them to me or post them here and I will let you know whats wrong 😉

The link is in the main thread 😉

Also, EE stands for EverEmber in this case

I moved the topic out of the EO4 section 😉

I am downloading the 300mb EE client now to help find the issue XD

Oh! I posted this in EO 4 Section? Terribly sorry about that xD Thanks for taking the time to help!

Alright, your client has lost its ability to load jpg OR bmp images and it only wants jpg (at least for the main gui elements like the bank.jpg) Go ahead and convert everything to jpg and you should be alright 😉

(Or tell whoever your programmer is to fix it XD)

Coolio. Thanks for the help mate!

Eh, it hasn’t seemed to have fixed the issue. The game uses bmp for most everything. It seems to have to do with the tampering of the files. If you go edit the /menu/background.bmp of the original game, the same error will occur.

Except for the fact that there is no background.bmp in the real game 😉


How do you mean?

This is what’s in the game currently

Oh! I know. You havn’t used the autoupdater yet eh? You have like the oldest version.

Alright, 20 updates later I saw the same issue you did.

In order to solve it I replaced the bank.bmp in the new theme with the current on, launched the client and it failed. I opened bank.bmp with Paint, immediately saved it as a bmp again and it worked o.O

woah. If it was gimp screwing me over for the last 3 hours, I swear….

Thank you so much for your help jc

Also, a piece of advice, every 5-6 updates or so, you should make a new installer set it to the latest version so new people are waiting less and are more likely to stick around and play lol.

Yeah, I’ll let em know. It’s not my game xD I’m just making a theme for it cause I was bored and it needed a new theme xD

Fixed! Thank you for all your help! I would never have thought of that

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