Probably simple, but I'm a doofus. Help!

Greetings, all! I hate for my first post on this lovely forum to reveal my utter idiocy, but such is life. So, I decided I’d relive some of my old 2d mmorpg days and design my very own game world! How exciting! Except,


It isn’t just that the game doesn’t fit the window; In order to click on any buttons I have to aim a half inch lower and an inch further to the right from where they are actually positioned.

I searched and searched for a post that deals with this issue and found nothing (At least I think I found nothing. I wasn’t too sure what to look for, honestly). Three possibilities exist: I suck at searching forums, it’s incredibly easy to fix and I’m just ignorant, or it’s never happened before!

Halp! =D

You’ll need to change your DPI settings to the default. Unfortunately it messes with Eclipse in such a way that it breaks half the engine.

This is much more of a common occurrence then desired XD

Simply put as Joyce said it is a DPI issue. If you hit start, type in DPI and choose the make items larger and smaller option you can set your DPI to the 100% option and it will be fine 😉

Thank you so much for the insanely fast reply! It worked like a charm. I’m ashamed I had to look up what DPI was and how to adjust it. =P

Thanks a bunch!

And thanks to jcsnider for almost saving me from a Google search! =P

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