Eclipse Evolution, Something Like That

So I was looking through Eclipse Projects shortly after downloading a PKM character sheet, and I was wondering which Eclipse thing I should download that uses it, it’s a really long sheet filled with 3-frame character sprites that go up, right, down, left

I’m not sure those details help much but I’d like to know where to download either “Eclipse Evolution” or something that supports the sheet, I would like to toy around with my own little game, thanks for the answers I appreciate it dawg

[Look at the attachment file, you’ll see what I mean with this, I need something that uses this, as in I can put a Sprites.rar somewhere and put this in renaming it Sprites.png] Thanks[attachment=1090:HG SS Eclipse Evolution.PNG]

Ever think about changing the sprites instead of changing the engine? 😉

There are converters around and heck, I posted some similar to that in EO format awhile back.

Yes, in fact that is actually the one you posted, I was pretty sure I mentioned you did, but I’ll edit, and about the changing sprites, let’s say I converted it to 4-frames (I can do that) and then had it in Characters folder as 1, would that work or naw

I’m somewhat new to all this and I understand a few things, I just don’t get something like this here sheet

In the same exact thread I think I posted a .rar with them in 4 frames and split like they should be, that is what you need.

Edit: Here is the link. They are bmp though. They will need to be converted to png and transparency added instead of the pinkness.

Edit #2: Better yet, here is my dangon converter for just that lol.

Thanks a lot JC you a great help It’s all good now 🙂

some engine to create a pokemon game widescreen

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