Cheap Dedicated Server

does anyone know a cheap dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are never cheap, considering you actually rent rackspace and hardware which is fairly expensive. Generally speaking a VPS is far less expensive, although some providers do seem to oversell their machines which may have a bit of a negative impact on speed.

cheap i mean less than 50 per month

and i want to use a dedicated server and not a vps because vps doesn’t give me full acces (i think)

What do you consider ‘‘full access’’? I mean you won’t get into the BIOS either way.

And generally speaking a VPS can be upgraded a lot easier than a dedicated machine seeing as it’s simply a few references in a file somewhere rather than requiring components, so expanding it should be easier and cheaper as well. Aside from that they’re basically just virtual computers, they don’t have ‘‘real’’ hardware but run a complete Operating System that will allow you to do anything a regular computer/server would. (except graphical applications, but why would you want to run a game on a server machine in the first place?) The real limitations would be in your Server OS.

So what do you intend to run on said server? And what makes you think a VPS won’t get you enough access to the system?

Since I can’t edit my other post, here’s some additional info:

After a bit of looking around, the cheapest I could find with decent specs was around 70 bucks a month. But most would range from 80-130 a month. Again, Dedicated Servers are far from cheap. And that’s without a server OS license, so if you need a Windows Server the cost will increase even further. 🙂

i want to make a private server for agame but i need to make services and odbc is it possible with a vps?

Of course, a VPS is simply a virtual computer. You can do all you want with the operating system. 😛 Obviously you’d also need to have the know-how to set it up yourself as well though. Still not sure if you’re going to do this on a Windows or a Linux box though. But it’s really easy on Windows.

can you suggest me a good vps? (windows)

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