A Few Simple Questions

I’m very new to Eclipse Origins, but coming along in coding. Anyways, I was curious to know what everyone thought was the best sprite drawing software/program out there? (I wanna draw up my game from scratch) Secondly, I’m curious how you would access the engine’s main source of coding so I could change around and revise some things to my liking. Thanks everyone! Hope these weren’t too difficult to answer ha ha. If you have any beginner’s tips for me about making a game with this engine, I’d greatly appreciate them  🙂


EO4 is closed source so you cannot the source for it anywhere but there are a few other earlier releases that come with code 😉

I am not a pixel artist but some of my friends really liked Graphic Gale, others simply use Gimp but you will get better responses soon with recommendations 😉

The best way to start pixeling is to use programs such as Photoshop, Gimp (basically a free photoshop), Paint.NET, or even MS Paint. Any program that you can use to work pixel by pixel is good. They’res lot of tutorials around the web on how to get started on pixel art.

Secondly, if your using Eclipse Origins 4.0, stop. Eclipse Origins is closed source, meaning, the only edits that go into the engine are done by the staff. If your interested in coding yourself, I’d pick up a copy of Eclipse Worlds or an open source engine, so that you can add features as you please.

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