Looking for Mapper Asap

Dusk-Reborn:The story of eldrum needs a full time mapper.  At the moment we are using the breeze tilesets as they fit the style it needs to be.  I am looking for someone who does decent work and has a lot of free time on their hand to work on maps.   I have a sketched out template of how the maps will be so you have something to go off of. There is autotile so it will be easier than the rather annoying oldschool mapping. I have a screenshot of the games interface so you see what the game looks like.  If you want more information look at the Wip or go to www.eldrum.com ( site is undergoing construction but still has info).

Wip page : http://www.eclipseorigins.com/community/index.php?/topic/133650-dusk-rebornthe-story-of-eldrum/

If you are interested , feel free to PM me… Im always on lol.

Would this work be paid?

Im working on paying for tiles to be made.  Yes eventually after everything is set in stone graphic wise.

Alright I could work for you I suppose, pm me how much you need to get done and we can work something out through there.

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