Skywardens: Pixel Artist

Hello all!

I’ll try to keep this short. We NEED:

1: Pixel Artist

Capable of creating quality Tiles, Items, Animations, Spell Icons, you name it!

We are CURRENTLY a not-for-profit organization, but IF our upcoming titles are void of any mainstream graphics/music, we are considering selling the titles for a low cost.

We NEED quality graphics and hope that someone here might be able to make them.

You will be working alongside the loveable Seb and WereAlpaca as a pixel artist, and Skywyre as a team. We are very welcoming, accepting, and dedicated to working on our titles.

The Pixel Artist will have to be able to work with this something similar style:

If you have no idea what Skywardens/Skywyre is >here< is our site and >here< is our Eclipse Board.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please PM me with an example of your work and maybe a reason of why you would want to be a part of our games.

Thank you SO much for your time!


Just gonna bump this so it get’s seen 😄

Pixel Artist? are you planning on redoing the game again? because once you hired a pixel artist, you might need to redo the game maps and more

Yes, we’re redoing all graphics and music and sound. We’re making everything completely original. 😄

but not the engine O.o

Our engine is already fairly unique

Our engine will be almost entirely unique by the time Rob is done!

I don’t want to give much away, but here’s something to nibble on: Talent Trees

Good luck with it guys 🙂

Bumping this 😄

C’mon you Pixel Artists! We can build something fantastical together!

You might have to pay someone, Ive noticed not many people will do free quality work .

Sadly, yes :0

Seb is fantastic and works for free, but I’m afraid he’s a rare breed 😕

Hey Jax. Going to send you a PM.

come on you get to work with me

that should be enough payment I’m talented, wonderful AND modest

A second pixel artist has been found. Lock* 😄

I have been informed that our pixel artists want at least ONE more pixel artist to help out!

Good luck guys!   Our word for today, “unique.”  😄

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