[HELP!] Targetting, Combat, and Skills.

Hi, granted I’m a new user, I’ve roamed a bit through the different subforums and tinkered what I could with Eclipse.

Now, I’m having issues with the combat system supported, as well as with the skill editor.

Regarding the prior, I’d like to find a way to bypass the point-and-click style of play. As is, using WASD movement and selecting targets with the mouse results in an off-putting experience. I found a thread where someone posted a script that’d auto-target nearest enemy, auto-target when being attacked, and auto-target when you’re targetted, but none of these quite hit the mark. I wondering if there’s any way to support a target-less combat sytem? Be it “ground” targetting, or just swinging infront of you.

The latter, I imagine is a bit easier to respond to. Is there any way to create more in-depth spells/skills? I might be getting overly ambitious with what Eclipse can handle, but I’d like to be able to produce a game with some sort of skill tree with intricate customization. Just off the bat, Is there any way to make a skill that costs life instead of mana?

I’ve spent an hour too many thinking about possible games in my head, figured I might finally start trying to fork one out. I’ll admit I don’t know much programming, but I at least am somewhat tech-savvy. I have the skills as far as animation and graphics go, so it’s more a matter of limitations. I have enough time to throw into this, I just hope I can produce a simpler version of what is in my head.

Thanks beforehand!

It’s all plausible, but the thing is that you’d need to have a very good understanding of the core of the engine to write up such overhauls. It’s simply not designed to run in a modern fashion but rather reslies on legacy mechanics that have simply always been there. The spell system needs a good rewrite to begin with since it’s a huge clusterduck so that’s not an easy fix either.

It’s all been thought of and some have done it or tested it, but this engine is really beyond its life expectancy and both the language used and way it was written are simply causing trouble these days. 😞 Not to mention it’s a bit of a waste to spend hours remodelling something when it’s far more efficient to write up a brand new engine that works the way you need it to function from the ground up instead of hacking things into it.

Yeah, I imagined that would be the case. It’s a shame, I was really hoping I’d manage to find a short-cut into developing a game for starters. I guess I’ll delve into Blizzard’s SC2 Arcade, although I reckon that won’t hit the mark either. It’s all good though, I’ll try and teach myself whatever I can of programming. If it’ll be the long way, then so be it.

Thanks for the quick response, I’ll probably stick around. Maybe help others with graphics, ha~

Well, Eclipse is still perfect for little prototyping and simple games or just tinkering around in. 🙂 But it’s simply not a professional engine ready to tackle any challenge due to its age. Of course the upcoming HTML5 one might be a different story entirely. 🙂

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