Drakoria: The legend of the dragon

Soon will come the BETA of Drakoria: Legend of the Dragon, with much PvP, Dungeons with difficult Bosses maps with traps that moriras step on them and if you are in PK mode items will lose forever! The game is hard but it is a great challenge for all players and your mission will be to kill the final boss is a Dragon named: Drakon (God of Wildgot) has a lot of life and much damage so will have to team up to kill him! and each will have to be over level 40 with good armor and many potions because you killed 2 hits!

Each group will have to be made up of: A Priest, Warrior (Tank) Wizard and murderer at least! Those who achieve great dragon kill Drakoria earn 500 Points each and one of you will have the Drakoria Sword! The most powerful sword of the game until you reach another threat to Esberoth!

Things not even in 2D Drakoria: Missions still not implemented so there will be many dungeons to not get bored!

Nor should Guilds why it will have to do many Partys to not get bored! These are things we plan to do in the future …

**I leave facebook page
**www.facebook.com/Drakoria2D **

WEB PAGE: Www.Drakoria-2D.webnode.com.uy


In my honest opinion, i don’t think you should advertise a spanish game in english. I have no idea what the website says.
You might wanna put some images and information up about your game.
Second of all, the RPG Maker XP graphics are kind of unappealing, to me, at least.

Also, you might want to put what’s unique about your game and why you should play it.
Good luck on your game and best wishes

04-10-2015, 05:22 PM….3 months old with no updated and you bump it to the top. This is exactly what everyone was talking about in chat last night… Oh forgot you need the post count >.>

Sorry, I’m the creator of 2D Drakoria, now the project is called differently xD Two Swords.
The game server will do it with English and Spanish, so that it would not be a problem or if?

and this is the facebook page of the new project 😄

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