How to protect your game graphics on distribution

does anyone know how to protect your game graphics on distribution so no one can just copy them out of the client folder Eclipse 4.0

i don’t thik it’s possible because eclipse 4.0 is closed source

Even if you could. You’d find that it really isn’t worth the effort to do so. There’s a little button called PrntScr, if someone wants your graphics bad enough, without a legal stance, nothing is going to stop them from obtaining your resources.

You’re in luck though, most members here are too lazy to make more than 5 maps and 3 quests, lolol. And besides, last I remembered. This forum has a zero tolerance for people ripping -aka- plagiarizing, so they won’t be here long if they continue to do so after warning…

There are a couple tricks, however, very short of proper encoding and decoding image data.

You can hide your resource files, however most people already know of this trick and it’s very easy to view hidden files. Or you can change the extension of your resource files, (This requires an open source engine though, to load them with their new extensions.)

A proper encode and decode would be honestly a lot of work on the client, and still… Protection isn’t really all that great, Prntscr will always be there.

Worse than printscreen, there are applications that can simply attach to a directx or opengl program and grab the textures from memory. That way you don’t even have to do the ripping.

But, lucky for you, more people here won’t take the time or effort to steal custom work and if they do, they are gone for good.


Just copyright them, any illegal use of them and they will have to face the law.

Short answer (and /thread answer): you don’t.

Just make your graphics so crappy that nobody will want them.

Wait, you guys use RPG Maker graphics? You’re screwed.

well that suxs i see what you mean about people not being able to use them im using a bunch of graphics that i found around the internet for prototyping but there is an old game i used to play that im trying to get ahold of the creator to see if i can remake it on here just wanted to see if there was a way i could protect his art he may not even care because the game is pretty much closed at this point

You can use a keyboard hook and clear the clipboard when Prt Scr is pressed 🙂

It’s generally an honor system with graphics. A majority of people just use the graphics that have been floating around on the net for many years. If you do make your own, know that someone somewhere eventually will use them for their own.  There is an good and bad way to look at the situation though;

While graphics (if good enough) will almost always get stolen, I’d say probably 95% (random number based on my experience) of games out there that are created through these types of engines, end up failing because of lack of time, devotion/effort, money, or the developer is simply too young.  The other 5% probably make it a few months, some years, but even then most of them die out due to lack of interest.

However, as mentioned above there is one other option. If your graphics are absolutely top quality and you really have 100% confidence in your game… you could file copyrights on all of them, which would give you the ability to take legal action on anyone who steals them. However it’s not easy. It requires quite a bit of time, money, and paperwork (along with boatloads of dedication)…. not to mention that the graphics have to be 100% yours to begin with.

Either way, chances are you shouldn’t have any major issues to worry about. If your game reaches an incredible level of performance and your graphics are really that high up in quality, you should consider taking your skill and talent to go work for the actual gaming industry and get paid for your abilities! 🙂

Hope this all helps!

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