Photoshop cs5 how to make an straight outline???

hey guys im just wondering how to make straight outline like every one doing on their Online or their subtitle they giving straight outline how does they did that pls help???

do you mean a stroke ? if so, effects -> stroke

nope im pretty sure it is not stroke ill give you example

See the Online a straight outline (maybe stroke)

the black outline around the lettering is deffinately a stroke

Lol no I mean in the online see that’s a straight outline

just use a gradient with opacity, and make it the layer behind the text

I don’t understand xD

Step1: Create what every text you need (simple enough right ?

Step2: Then create a layer below the text and use the RECTANGLE tool to create a rectangle behind it.

Step3: Go to LAYER STYLE and click on gradient

Step4: Change gradient style to reflected

Step5: Change the gradient colours to what you want

Quick example: (just made this with the exact steps i gave you

Ohh that’s work thx

sorry for double post but i can’t understand it

Its keeping me fail i follow the instruction carefully

i fix it now 😄

just m me if you have any troubles

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