Never mind on my question - I figured it out (I forgot to set 2 variables).

I am still curious why I cannot post in the Q&A section, though.

Hey all,

First off, let me apologize if this is in the wrong section - for some reason it would not let me start a new thread in the Q&A section.

So my issue is as follows. I have been trying to convert my game over to EO 4.2.3, from an old Mirage/Konfuze based system that I heavily modified back in 2006/2007. I am still relatively early in the process, so I have been dabeling with different aspects of the engine to get a real feel for it. I am very familiar with VB6 (having re-written much of the source from the Konfuze engine), but I am not a graphics person by any means. I am not sure if my issue is with the code, with my graphics, or a combination of both.

So I have been trying to implement aspects of my old GUI into the system, while to get a handle on it. However for some reason the graphics tend to be VERY finicky when changing GUI item dimensions. Here is the current example I am struggling with:

3.png is a very simple news background. It is 300x90 pixels. I use the following code, inside of Sub LoadGUI, in the client:

NewsPanelX = 100
NewsPanelY = 200
NewsPanelWidth = 300
NewsPanelHeight = 90

NumTextures = NumTextures + 1
ReDim Preserve gTexture(NumTextures)
NewsPanelImage.filepath = App.path & GFX_PATH & "gui\3.png"
NewsPanelImage.Texture = NumTextures 

Then I use the following code in Sub CacheInterfaceBounds:

dX = NewsPanelX
        dY = NewsPanelY
        dw = NewsPanelWidth
        dH = NewsPanelHeight
        If dw > 0 And dH > 0 And (dw + dX) > 0 And (dY + dH) > 0 Then
            If dX < GUIContainerWidth And dY < GUIContainerHeight Then
                If dX + dw > GUIContainerWidth Then
                    dw = dw - ((dX + dw) - GUIContainerWidth)
                End If
                If dY + dH > GUIContainerHeight Then
                    dH = dH - ((dY + dH) - GUIContainerHeight)
                End If
                If dX < 0 Then
                    sx = dX * -1
                    dw = dw + dX
                    dX = dX + sx
                End If
                If dY < 0 Then
                    sy = dY * -1
                    dH = dH + dY
                    dY = dY + sy
                End If
                dX = dX + GUIContainerX
                dY = dY + GUIContainerY
                sW = dw

sH = dH
                If NewsPanelImage.Texture > 0 Then
                End If
NewsPanelBounds.Left = dX NewsPanelBounds.Right = dw NewsPanelBounds.Top = dY NewsPanelBounds.Bottom = dH NewsPanelSrcBounds.Left = sx NewsPanelSrcBounds.Right = sW NewsPanelSrcBounds.Top = sy NewsPanelSrcBounds.Bottom = sH End If sx = 0 sy = 0 End If

~~ And then finally I modified Sub DrawNewsPanel to the following:~~

Sub DrawNewsPanel(bx As Long, by As Long, bw As Long, bh As Long)
Dim dX As Long, dY As Long, dw As Long, dH As Long, sx As Long, sy As Long, sW As Long, sH As Long
Dim NewsText As String, a() As String, i As Long

   On Error GoTo errorhandler

    dX = NewsPanelBounds.Left
    dY = NewsPanelBounds.Top
    dw = NewsPanelBounds.Right
    dH = NewsPanelBounds.Bottom
    sx = NewsPanelSrcBounds.Left
    sy = NewsPanelSrcBounds.Top
    sW = NewsPanelSrcBounds.Right
    sH = NewsPanelSrcBounds.Bottom

    If dw > 0 And dH > 0 And (dw + dX) > 0 And (dY + dH) > 0 Then
        If NewsPanelImage.Texture > 0 Then
            RenderTexture NewsPanelImage, dX, dY, sx, sy, dw, dH, sW, sH
        End If
        NewsText = WordWrap(News, dw - 4)
        NewsText = LimitTextLines(NewsText, Fix(dH / 14), 0)
        a = Split(NewsText, vbNewLine)
        If UBound(a) > 0 Then
            For i = 0 To UBound(a)
                RenderText Font_Georgia, a(i), dX + (dw / 2) - (EngineGetTextWidth(Font_Georgia, a(i)) / 2), dY + i * 12, FontColor
        End If
    End If

   On Error GoTo 0
   Exit Sub
    HandleError "DrawNewsPanel", "modUserInterface", Err.Number, Err.Description, Erl
End Sub

Attached is bug.png - this is how the image ends up displaying.

It is the correct ‘size’ (300x90) however it appears as if DX8 is grabbing hold of the upper left corner of the image, and then pulling from the right side of the image, causing this very odd distortion.

Any insight into this issue would be very much appreciated. Again, sorry if this should be in the Q&A section, however I was unable to start a topic there.

Thanks all for your help!