I’m looking for someone to complete the work of my last programmer. He completed the system that I requested, and fixed a few of the bugs, but left some pretty significant problems before he fell off the face of the earth.

A bit of context behind my game, it’s designed to be used as a way to study the effects of video games in the writing classroom (I’m a teacher and I’m working on my doctorate. My dissertation is going to study these types of effects). The purpose of the game (one purpose, anyway) is to add an entertainment value to writing education for high school students. As a student, you’ll choose a character and one of three writing classes. The student plays through the game as that certain class, and is taught how to write in-game. As the game progresses, the students learn more complex writing skills through the quests he completes; a quest is given, and the player is given a writing prompt that has to do with the context of the game (let’s say, “In your opinion, are the Gulvarians preparing for war?”. The player would then write the essay, and the teacher (who is given certain admin rights) logs on, grades the essay, and gives the player exp based on their writing performance.

I’ve included a video to help explain what I’m needing (http://youtu.be/8UtFWV2fn44), but here’s a text explanation as well:

1.) When the teacher grades the essay in the /gradeessay window, the completion ? disappears for the student, and the student is then asked to complete the essay again (instead of giving the comments, grade, and career exp). If the student completes the essay again, the ? comes back up, but then does the same thing when the teacher grades the essay.

2.) Probably related to the first issue, but while the student is waiting for the essay to be graded, the student is able to do the essay over and over again.

3.) Experience isn’t being awarded when a player completes a “kill NPC” quest. Instead, the palyer will kill the monster and go back to the NPC, but nothing will happen (no exp is given). If the player goes and kills the monster again, he is then given the exp from the quest once he kills the monster for a second time (and the player doesn’t have to go to the NPC to get the EXP - it’s given as soon as he kills the monster).

4.) Essays are reappearing in the /gradeessay window after the server is shut down. When the server is restarted, all of the essays that were previously graded now reappear. (the red server alert text isn’t shown, though)

5.) Is it possible to add multiple quests per NPC (based on level - i.e. level 1: quest #1, level 2: quest #2)

6.) Could you add more than 255 spots for the quests? (Under the “Quest” tab in the Admin panel, I can only create 255 quests. Can we add more?)

7.) (Not included in video) I would like to have a hyperlink option added to the quest building system. Ideally, I would like the quest builder to have the option of inserting a hyperlink into the quest. The idea is to provide videos for the “teaching quests” where the student is learning a new writing skill. The player would then accept the quest, and while completing certain parts of it, be able to click the link and view a video in YouTube that would help explain the concept that is being taught in the quest (e.g., comma usage, paragraphing, or voice)

I’ve been working with several programmers over the last two months, but they all fail to complete the project for one reason or another. If you can complete this project quickly, I’ll gladly pay a higher price. I’m on Skype, too: mike_lee_03.

If you’re interested, let me know a goal deadline and a price, and we’ll see what we can agree on.