Stupide question to my mind but help needed !!

Hello all !!!

I m really new in the eclipse communauty

I see that we have an updater …

How can i use it to send the update to my player ???

(Sorry bad english 😞 )

oh you want to update your game to the player:

the player will need to download your new "Client "  folder for the update of the graphics

You will need a website, where you can upload your client files, after that copy the URL and put it in your updater’s config.ini

Note: This might be a different updater so the config.ini might not look the same inside.

GameWebsite=If you got any website
UpdateURL=http:// your URL where the Client files are
NewsURL=Some news to appear in the updater
Version= Game’s version

If you are using EO4 then following this tutorial directly will probably be easiest 😉

lol JC’s engine autoupdates files ur missing and as for the other engines floating around either make your players redownload a client everytime or look in the tutorial section for the auto updater there was like one posted by robin and one posted by someone else back in the day 😉

Thanks for all the answers !!!

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