Little Pixel - The Revolution

**The Revolution is a project i am working on for fun in my spare time, it started out being just the flagship tileset known as the revolution, but as it grew i got requests for other resources so here is the revolution, a collection of 2d pixel art created by me for all you game developers.


Resources Included

Revolution Tileset




lava dungeon

ice dungeon




​​​Revolution Sprites

​​​​Male sprite template

female sprite template ​

​​Guardian Tileset


Coming Soon

8 Bit Tileset

8 Bit sprites

Sidescroller Tileset

Sidescroller Sprites**

i still feel it would look nicer without the near black outline around the hill thing but other than that good work

On the revolution tileset ?


i agree 🙂 just havent got round too it yet 😛 will probably get around to it sometime tonight 🙂

it works on the tree just not the hill but as I said before good work

I like the style of them. 🙂

Love the style, and glad you decided to release them. I’d love to use them, you should add an indoor tileset so I can!

i will do soon enough 🙂 trying to work on as much variety and environments for the outdoors first 🙂

Love to hear it! I’ll be using these for a game I’m (trying) to develop sometime here in the future. Thanks for the addition!

updated first post with an updated Revolution tileset

Some examples of what you can do with it so far

Updated first post with new banner.

Also just to let everyone know whos interested that today or tommorrow there will be some new content including some exterior tilesets and extras to the allready existing tilesets and also the sprite with all walking animations.

Can’t wait for more tilesets! Keep up the good work. 🙂

-Scott (Orb)

very nice

i re doing some to be in platform mode :

updated first post with an updated Revolution tileset

Some examples of what you can do with it so far

Your cliffs I think, have way to much of an angle to it, it feels even more bird eye’d which is cool, but not all of your tiles match the same kind of view so it throws off the rest of the map, the door in the second map doesn’t even fit the cliff behind it. Just some CC, other than that, all looks cool. Thanks for the share. 😄

i edited some tilesets to look like 2d side scroll maybe someone will use this also  😄

Updated as i promise

  • Grassland
  • Snowy
  • Desert
  • Interior
  • Town
  • Lava Dungeon

To come:

  • Update existing tilesets with more content
  • focus on interior
  • Normal dungeon
  • Dark dungeon
  • Ice dungeon
  • sky/heaven tiles
  • Player sprites
  • Monster sprites

OMG i will gonna use this!!!

OMG i will gonna use this!!!


A preview of some new tiles im working on:

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