Lock Classes

Just wondering if there is a way to lock classes from being selectable on character creation. So for example if I want more advanced classes to only be accessible by reaching the requirements In-game with your character instead of being able to choose them outright.

this has been asked before but i couldn’t find an answer so i don’t think so

You would have to open vb and edit the menu by taking out the class box, then you could create an event in-game that sets a class by a requirement under conditional branch, or have a choice menu that could ask a player what class they would like to be, then set class to whatever.

This is an idea, I’m not sure if it will work but it is something to think about kinda like a template of how to do this. 🙂

Hope this helps a little, and I hope this leads you in the right direction.

-Scott (Orb)

10 Steps to create things that you want

Step 1: You must have a VB6

Step 2: You must have knowledge on VB6

Step 3: Create a Theory

Step 4: Express the theory on Code Form

Step 5: Check if the theory will work on the form or code that you will create

Step 6: Make a backup file

Step 7: Start doing your work

Step 8: Check if the system is working

Step 9: Check for mistakes

Step 10: Find a way to clean your code or just leave it how it is

well if you understand this steps , you can create things that you want

I know how VB works and how to do it in VB but I was more after if there was a way within EO 4.0 but I don’t think there is.

Cheers anyway  🙂

lol Orcywoo… i havent used EO 4.0 only peeked at it, but unless it has a built in class editor(from client side admin tools) with an option, or when you open the class files server sided txt files(it would have something that says locked= 0) then it doesnt have an ability to lock classes.

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