How to get started using VB with Eclipse?

Hello, I am Nighthawk0973. I am a sophomore in high school and have been programming for roughly 3 years. I have taken a years Visual Basic course and am in the second semester of a years C++ course. I am also fairly good at Java (especially regarding games, as that’s what I’m interested in) because it is the first language I learned and I understand the concepts of it easier than other languages.

Now, from what I understand, you can use Visual Basic to program modifications for Eclipse. As a programmer this obviously has me interested so I was wondering how I set this up? I have a copy of Visual Studio 2013 Professional and my school has set me up with a 2 year subscription to DreamSpark so I’m fairly certain I will have the means to get and software I need, I just need somebody to point me in the right direction.

I would very much appreciate any help anyone would be willing to give. Thanks in advance,


first you need visual basic 2006 only vb6 works, so if yo dont got that your out of luck buddy if you really want it look on ebay

Yeah, you have to use Visual Basic 6, to get it you should try to find either it on ebay, amason, and/or a torrent (I recommend using torrents, I got one and it works great, but some people are against it.). Then there are some tutorials out there that you can use to find out how to use the program, it is a bit different from the programs you are used to (especially seeing as every language is different).

So, get the program, learned to use it (tutorials and/or reading a lot of the codes), and try your skill.

Thanks for the replies guys, I will see what I can do about VB6. What I’m wondering right now is where do I get the source code to work with it? And once I edit the files do I simply build into an executable and replace it with the original Eclipse executable?

Grab yourself Eclipse Dawn and start with that or see if you can find a download for EO 1 or version 2. Once you compile, the original EXE will be replaced with the new one.

Well if things doesn’t work perfectly, you might try downloading and installing the runtimes first before working on it…

The source are on .vbp file i guess, once you installed VB6, you’ll see the change.

Alright that clears up all my questions! Thanks for the responses guys.

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