Connecting to other Computer Without Hamachi

Hey guys i have some problem with Porting Forward using other Computer I can’t port it i need to use Hamachi to Port it is this can be fixed?

Do you mean you have a problem using Hamachi or you have a problem portforwarding without Hamachi?

There’s alot of tutorial on how to use Hamachi on google, try to search it there.

have problem portfowarding without hamachi

Whats the problem, whats happening exactly?

If you’re connect via Modem, you won’t need to portforward.

If you got a Router you will have to acces is, and there will appear some options.

But first thing first, do you own a Router or you’re just Wireless connected to internet?

lmao actually the modem part isnt always true… Some modems have settings and stuff u can access…which in those cases you have to disable them by putting it in bridge mode.

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