Some Screenshots from early Alpha!

Took these today while doing some development work for the Skywardens team!

I like the new fancy Target UI system I added, makes keeping track of target HP much easier!

I see my name!  😄

This wretched creature spawned to Twerk with the cows!

Rob has been doing some amazing work! A big thanks to him and all the team!

Yes, i love the updates 😄

this is my test map where I ‘test graphics’ like that dragon

Awful maps, the GUI covers so much of the screen.

Nothing interesting.

Why is this forum doubles the messages? Please delete this one, or make an option to delete our own posts.

Awful maps, the GUI covers so much of the screen.

Nothing interesting.

The maps could use some work, but tell them how instead of just saying their awful. What do you have to show for? Not much, if anything. Rather than saying their work is awful, how about you help them?

It’s not my job to help them, I just posted my opinion on how I see their maps, they can figure what is wrong.

Instead saying “The maps could use some work” I said are awful, even so I’m not forced to tell why are like that, is strictly my opinion.

The maps are not the only problem, the GUI covers too much of the screen.

If they are smart enough they will understand that and will try somehow to improve.

Let’s not start any sh*t storm.

We are well aware of the faults of our game, and we are working to improve it.

But before a couple of days ago, we didn’t even have Rob on the team so changing the GUI/UI how we’d like was a bit hard.

In the future almost everything is likely to change.

That’s good, hoping to see some improvements soon.

Good luck

Thank you, honestly I thought the awful part was uncessesary, but I can also see your point of view.

So I accept it, and we’ll try to work out some better mapping.

Awful maps, the GUI covers so much of the screen.

Nothing interesting.

my map isn’t an actual map

That being said, even the real maps could use some work. I like them, they are full of detail, they do not lack in that aspect. But it needs more of a “naturistic” style. Such as the tall grass, the patterns are very blocky and don’t resemble real grass, real grass doesn’t grow in blocks. Everything is just so blocky, try to make things flow and don’t be afraid for random.

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