Nightmare Core be Recruitin'

Ahoy, me maytees! I told ye land lubbers I be doing a post in this here pirate leengo. So here ye are. There be a translation at the end of this here post!

Aye the ship has been prepped, and we be recruitin on the Soulz. We got ourselves of them idears to get some major booty and assist those land lubbers with some of this here education. We be wanting to teach them land lubbing noobs the way of the pirate. We see no better way to do this then letting them on deck! That’s right, we be letting the noobs hob aboard and be creating their own projects upon this here ship. However we need some of them art junkies to make this here ship sail the seven seas! We be coding this hear in 4 different leengoes: Html5, javascript, php, and C#. We be using some of that there fancy web socket technoology they be comin’ out with. So send in ye recruitin’ applications and hop on board!



––for non-pirates----

Hey guys,

So, my team, Soulz, is recruiting for a project we’re working on called, Nightmare Core. It’s a game engine that is played like a game and is being developed for the better of education. Well I suck so bad at pixel art that making even place holder sprites has become a SERIOUS pain in the *. So I reached a point where we need graphic designers, if you have free time and want to join great, I can’t promise a pay but if you’re interested we do make some cash and would be willing to make a deal. We are looking for coders as well but only a few seeing how me and my co-owner lex know how to do most of this. Anyways, leave a reply or send a private messge… or add me on skype: dylan-soulz.

Thanks in advanced


PMing now

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If you’re making a pirate game make it like one piece, also it might help if you show what you can bring to the table.

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