More actual information on Chapter 1 will be posted in a timely manner.

I feel like I should let you guys know to expect some delay on Chapter 1.

It’s very possible to expect it on a timely manner… but to be honest… There is no real way to say this lightly or beat around the bush. . . despite not really liking the idea of disclosing any real information about myself on an on line world.

I got removed from my last place of work. I have the same job now, they just moved me to a different address. Thus I have to learn a new location and their policies and such. These kinds of things take priority in my life and I generally even spend some time at home studying these things as well.

The original plan was to release Chapter 1 by charging for it. The charge was only going to be 1$ (USD) However… the support and friendliness of this community has been too great for me to feel like I should charge this time around. Chapter 1 will be free.

So! This go around if you would like Chapter 1 send me a message giving me your username and password and say something like “I sent a pretend dollar”. Please make sure you only send this information to me and only me personally via personal message ( lel ). This is sadly your responsibility as I have no control over how you type lol.
  From this point its my responsibility to give you a chapter 1 pass on a timely manner. I guess it will take as long as 24 hours to be completed, given this is kind of a trail release test-thingy, there is no real saying. Limited time only, no set particular time frame.

If you would like to donate to the cause of Endless Waltz

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Donating of course will come with more than usual benefits of “Thanks” most likely something like a secret item, a secret area or something of the such.

Thank you for your support!

Endless Waltz